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Tower Coaster - Zierer
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Rides that Create Memories

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Water Park Lifts and Conveyors for Boats, Rafts, Tubes and Mats

Tube/Raft/Boat/Mat Conveyor

The innovation for amusement parks, made by the market leader for transport and loading systems: the “Tube Conveyor” brings the tubes to where they belong: Back to the starting point! Save your visitors the troublesome way up the stairs with a heavy and big tube in their hand.


  • Simple integration to existing facilities
  • Modular design for minimum space requirements to enable customized routing
  • Accommodates both concave and convex curves
  • Able to transport single tubes to 6-person rafts
  • Can achieve heights up to 40 m and grades to 90°
  • Available in stainless steel or galvanized steel
  • Options for protective fencing (Wind shield, etc.)
  • Can operate in continuous or Stop-and-Go modes
  • For indoor and outdoor applications
  • Custom design and innovative solutions



Loading Conveyors for Amusement Park Rides and efficient operations.

Conveyors for the solution to any need, let us know your intention and we will find a solution that is economical, safe and as close to maintenance free as possible. Contact Bill Ossim at 575-574-2593 or at to explore the solution.

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